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Florida Contractors Exam Prep classes are now available in Tallahassee, Fl. 

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Florida Contractors

Continuing Education Credits

The School for Contractors and Trades (DBPR Provider # 0001797) is pleased to offer new and informative courses for the current cycle, 2016. The courses were put together with you in mind.

The School will be offering two days of classes that have been approved by DBPR.

These courses consist of two days, 7 hours each, that meet the DBPR's required 14 hrs. of CE for all Florida Licensed Contractors who are licensed
by the Boards indicated below

The School for Contractors and Trades invites you to attend our interesting and educational classes. We look forward to seeing you in our classes soon!

All courses have been approved by DBPR's:

Construction Industry Licensing Board

Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board (ECLB)

Board of Building Code Administrators & Inspectors

1)  Essence of Construction  (7 hrs.):
      The first day includes...
- Advanced 2007 Florida Building Code/
     Significant Code Changes, 1 hr.

   - Business Practices in Construction, 1 hr.
   - Florida Workers' Compensation, 1 hr.
   - Workplace Safety in Construction (OSHA),1hr.
   - False Alarm Prevention, 1 hr.
   - Ethics in Construction, 1 hr.
   - Impact of Notching & Hole Drilling in Wood
     Members, 1 hr.
    CILB-Approved, Course #0010435;
     ECLB - Course #0008121
     BCAI - Approved by reciprocity    


2)  Technical Elements of Construction  (7 hrs.):

     The second day includes...
   - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & the
     Florida Accessibility Code, 2 hrs.
   - Florida Laws and Rules, 2 hrs.
   - Wind-Resistant Construction, 1 hr.
   - Review of Selected Building Code Topics &
     Excerpts, 2 hrs.
CILB- Approved, Course #0010436;
     ECLB-Approved, Course #0008122;
     BCAI- Approved, Course #0007334
 (ADA, Fla. Laws
     & Rules) as well as by reciprocity.  

Approved courses will cover CE requirements for the following Florida Contractors:

-Division 1 Contractors
-Division 2 Contractors
-Specialty Contractors
-Electrical Contractors